Violin Repair in Denver

Violin RepairKolacny Music’s violin repair shop prides itself on being a quality blue collar string shop for students, amateurs and professionals that are tired of paying premium prices for lore and “magic dust”. We have lasted over 80 years in the music business by offering quality repairs at a fair price.

Common repairs include replacing strings, repairing cracks, gluing open seams, loose or broken necks, straightening warped or worn fingerboards and moving or replacing sound posts. The bridge may need to be straightened, lowered or occasionally be replaced. Tuning pegs may need to be refit or replaced.

Violin Repair DenverWe offer complete repair on violin bows, viola bows, cello bows and bass bows. Common bow repairs include rehairing, straightening the stick, replacing stripped eyelets and bow screws, new tips, new grips and winding.

Well meaning customers sometimes buy low price violins on line only to find that the instrument needs to be set up before playing. We will help them through this often frustrating experience.

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