Used or Consignment Harps for Sale

We prefer to sell harps to people who can try them in person first.  In some rare cases, shipping can be arranged.  Come in, call or email! Financing can be arranged.  Up to 6 months rent credit can be applied to Consignment Harps.
Please contact David by phone or email to dicuss these instruments.  Reasonable offers considered.


MusicMakers 31 String "St. Croix" Gothic -

Music Makers 31 String HarpC, F and B levers, cloth cover, and key.  These harps have a great big sound and very light string tension.  Used by lots of music therapists.  - Asking $1600.00, additional levers $14.00 each.






Westover 36 String -

WestoverWestover 36 Zebrawood Veneer on soundboard, Truitt levers on C, F, B and E, No case, As is.  New in 1997.  The Zebra wood veneer soundboard makes this a very distinctive harp.  Lots of figure in the maplewood of the rest of the harps as well.  Uses Dusty Strings 36A strings. - Asking $2000.00, offers encouraged. 




Lyon & Healy Lyric -

Lyon & Healy Lyric HarpMahogany finish 36 strings, full performance levers, cloth case.  Lyon & Healy's version of the Salvi Livia.  Uses Bow Brand folk wires and folk gut. New in 2003 -Asking $3000.00






Cunningham -

Cunningham35 Strings, Ceninent Base Model, CALL FOR DETAILS - Asking $2000.00







Sandpiper -

SandpiperSandpiper pic38 String Paraguayan Full Loveland sharping levers, padded case, CALL FOR DETAILS - Asking $4000.00 





Lyon & Healy Style II -

Lyon Healy Style IILyon Healy Style II -2#2388 Gold, Built in 1922.  Totally restored.  One of the four speacial harps huilt by Lyon & Healy in the Early 20's.  Incredibly detailed carving with far more detail than current style II harps.  Originally owned by Edward Vito, famous harpist with the NBC symphony and Cleveland Orchestra.  Price includes transport cover set and modern trunk.  For Sale by the Estate of Bob Litterell who passed away in 2013.  Asking $60,000.00 



Salvi Daphne 40 -

Daphne 4040 Strings. Walnut. Comes with transport cover set, bench and wood music stand. Asking $7500.00







Come on in to the store to take a look!!  - Thank You!!