String Bass Repair in Denver

String Bass Repair DenverRepairing an upright string bass requires many of the same skills as violin repair, but on a much larger scale. All wooden instruments react to changes in temperature and humidity. Our dry climate is especially hard on solid wood basses. It is common for a professional bass player to change the height of his bridge for summer and winter climates.

Common repairs include repairing cracks, open seams, loose or broken necks, straightening warped or worn fingerboards and moving or replacing sound posts. The bridge may need to be straightened, have threaded adjusters installed or occasionally be replaced. Some players will have their end pin modified so that a wheel can be used when transporting the bass.

String basses are set up differently for different kinds of playing. Bluegrass, Rockabilly, Jazz and Orchestral Bass players will all want their bass to have different types of strings, string heights, and sound. The ability to make a string bass feel and sound right to many different types of players is the specialty of Richard Kolacny.

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