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Although Kolacny Music began in 1930 as an instrument repair shop, we have been selling and renting band & orchestra instruments for nearly that long also. Our main focus is student band & orchestra, but we also carry an array of intermediate and professional models.Store Front

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Our harp department has been around for 30 years and is run by David Kolacny. David learned the music business from both his Father and Grandfather and has found that if you want a business to last 75+ years, you do it by taking good care of your customers.

David not only runs the harp department, but takes care of all Harp Repairs.  Also working in the harp department are his wife, Debra Kolacny and daughter, Katie Kolacny.

Instrument Repair

We are a full service repair shop for Harps, Band and Orchestra instruments. To find out more about Harp Repair click here. To find out more about Band and Orchestra repair click here.


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New Products In Our Store

Dusty Duo-Tune for Harp
Tuning a harp typically requires an electronic tuner, a clip-on tuner pickup and a tuning wrench (as well as a certain amount of coordination!). At Dusty Strings they do a lot of harp tuning and know this awkward process was begging for an improvement. They've now combined their harp tuning wrench with the Snark clip-on electronic tuner to make a single handy tuning device, the Dusty Duo-Tune. Now you can pluck a string with one completely free hand while the tuning wrench and electronic tuner are in your other hand picking up the vibrations through the tuning pin, displaying the note on the attached LCD screen, and allowing you to adjust the pin - all at once. No more juggling tuners, wires, clips and wrenches and wishing you had three hands!

The Custom Duo-Tune fits all Dusty Strings harps or others using this size pin. The square tuning pin tip diameter is .176" (4.5mm).  Price - $85.00



The Concert Duo-Tune fits pedal harps and lever harps made by Lyon and Healy, Salvi, Camac and Venus, as well as other harps made with this size pin, including Thormahlen. The square tuning pin tip diameter is 3/16" or .188" or 5mm.  Price - $85.00


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